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Guided many Nepalese students

ECC have enjoyed over 5 years of a strong working relationship with AusStudies. In this time, AusStudies have guided many Nepalese students with their visa applications as well as preparing them with their expectations at ECC and living in Perth, Western Australia. Shambhu’s visit to Perth and ECC is a noteworthy advantage for clear and concise advise to prospective students which goes a long way in helping students with their expectations and more importantly how to settle down in a new place.

Conor Murphy

Marketing Manager, ECC

Aus Studies has been actively involved

UOW has known and worked with Aus Studies since 2012 and since then Aus Studies has been actively involved in recruiting international Nepalese students for UOW. UOW has been very satisfied with Aus Studies support services to the university and prospective students. The team Aus Studies has the capability to very well understand Australian higher education needs and requirements and are diligent and professional in their duties.

Peter Murray

Manager, International Recruitment, University of Wollongong

The best agents for Curtin College

AusStudies has been one of the best agents for Curtin College so far. I say best in terms of their consistency in giving us students for different courses for each trimester that we have and also because of their cent percent visa grants for Curtin so far.

I have worked with AusStudies since the last 4 years and they have always been very eager and enthusiastic and faithful to work for Curtin College. That is a quality which we as a university can find in few agents because with their increase in contracts with other universities and colleges their effectiveness and faithfulness towards the old ones decrease as is the usual trend in other agents but AusStudies has been otherwise.

As a university this is a quality we look for in an agent and AusStudies have it in them. Because of their consistency and good quality students for Curtin College every year Curtin has granted them a contract for the university and we are really looking forward to it.

Aprajita Malla

Regional Recruitment and Marketing Manager, Nepal Curtin International

Aus Studies is a duly authorized representative

Aus Studies is a duly authorized representative of Navitas and Latrobe University with a long standing relationship. Their knowledge of our programs and requirements is excellent and follow up is always prompt. They have a very clear understanding of the Australian student visa process and requirements. I am very pleased to recommend them as one of our official agents in Nepal.

Gary McGuire

Marketing Manager, South Asia and South East Asia

Recognised as a leading education consultant

Aus studes is recognised as a leading education consultant in Nepal. The team are experienced and dedicated in all aspects of student recruitment including Visa Filing, Student Counselling, Briefing Sessions, Pre-Departure information and seminars / events. I have known Ausstudies and Shambu for 2-3 years and have always been impressed by the quality of their students and their visa success rate. The Ausstudies team are preferred partners for both Navitas and Western Sydney University – Sydney Campus. Their professionalism and passion for the job ensures that their students receive the best possible service and education once they arrive in Australia. I look forward to continue working with Ausstudies when I visit Nepal.

James Collins

Marketing Manager, Western Sydney University - Sydney City Campus

Expertise for study in Australia

James Cook University Brisbane selectively appoints Education Consultants and requires all of them to meet our strict quality assessment. Aus Studies meets all of our standard requirements and is one of our authorized education partners in Nepal. They have the expertise necessary to guide students for study in Australia and have been doing a great job in assisting our prospective applicants. They have successfully recruited several students at JCU Brisbane and they have a very good visa grant rate as well. We are pleased to recommend them as a consultant for future students panning to study in Australia.

Shrikant Deshmukh

Director International Marketing - James Cook University

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