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We are dedicated to provide reliable, fast and fair counseling all regard to Study Abroad and Test Preparation services. We facilitate the enrollment in the reputed and well –renowned international universities and colleges as we are authorized Representative of most  of these institutions in Nepal. In given ways we help our valued potential students to make sure about their successful application to the universities in abroad.

We provide all the literal information about the programs, suitable level of qualification, fees, entry requirement and career outcome.

Financial matters are explained. Students are made sure that no hidden charges to be paid but the accurate application fees. Tuition fees and refund policies are informed priorly.

Deserving students are helped with Scholarship.

Before the application is submitted, students are well informed about the education provider, the place they are going to study, the community and people.

Students are encouraged to do their own research about the country, course and future possibilities while deciding to apply in abroad which in result enable the applicants to write their SOP in a confident and honest manner.

Students are given support to choose alternative education provider and programs of study in case of application not successful.

We facilitate our potential students to meet official staff out of universities who conducts frequent seminar, interview and selection for spot admission. Such events are helpful for aspirants to go ahead in a genuine process with high level of confidence.

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